Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Etsy Feature - BarbaraCrochetStudio

Please Introduce Yourself
My name is Barbara. I'm originally from Krakow, Poland. At present - Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. Married, one grown up son, fully employed, happy woman (Sagittarius).

Who inspires you?
My family and my friends whom I like to present with my handmade creations. Also seasons of the year, Holidays and "the special event s" - graduation, a new baby, etc.

What do you enjoy creating the most?
Recently I fell in love with crochet with thread. I enjoy creating crochet dollies and jewelry the most. I like to do small projects because I'd like to see them finished quickly.

Do you wish to make your hobby a full time job someday?
I don't think so, but I'd like to be able to spend more time with my hook and thread. Perhaps, when I retire.

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